What he did (do), to vehemently twist and turn to (valiantly) earn a most wayward appreciation this particularly painstaking time, ”PLEASE PEOPLE!” And a tactile, taciturn environment shall enthusiastically find its very own straw-hat featurette way (to wear)- Prettily primed to (be) a prone piece of deceptive evil … With these oblong, wind-sweeping wings of Red Devil theirs only ever to be deeply-both-deathly treasured (Again)

A pitchfork burns with-in the predisposed souls of an enemies upside-down memory
And maybe perhaps.. perchance, we are just these nastily neutralised people with ceaseless-both-endlessly incorrect devotion for an ocean of mixed up, mesh-believe conniption-both-radiant-faced commotion.

Simply, ill-ly, save Us too, from an ocean of over-anticipatory self-delusion and shatter-crashing, angst-arisen history, “pl-EASE!” Bring. us. back. To nineteen-ninety-never.
To a make-believe (re)placement laden with thirst and tantalised thievery- and treasured forever. Just as though these Liverpool fools appear to be doing it right this peculiar and hard-baked minute … Mind over matter, even if EVERYTHING manages to matter- Especially when it is our faith splayed against the weight of an ill-fated Munich air-disaster

Soon as Ole’s last-minute foot shook the world and its wits into rhapsodic rapture

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