He punched and pummelled you
To within a glorious inch – from inside of these empty shark-eyes at least
An utter beast with a serious wanton for destruction
Plastering your curdling blood against these fair walls – shock-absorbed to the core of your flailing being
Every other a.m.
A yo-yo admittance on his lacklustre behalf with no place to go, you seemingly his absolute last port of call
Pristine in his particular manner of tweaking the life right from you – smiles all the harder whilst you manage to fall
Mirroring himself altogether
To within an unsuspecting inch
Try a little harder next time, perhaps
To hold him at a serious distance ’til getting to choke this embarrassingly instrumental breath right the entire way out
No real ability on his truly envious part will soon start to lower these seriously contemplative defences, drench this extremely inescapable degree of fury which attempts to forever escape
No hiding complete turmoil when turned entirely inwards
And stand and finally watch him burn up right inside of himself
Do as your mother did, delve a little deeper

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