‘if calsberg did disasters’

if carlsberg did disasters

the demented mole man – soul-drunk and heavy holds his own scope for alcoholic hostage
lounges, wavers, meanderingly alters his seriously set-in-stone situation

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‘The Magnetic Zeroes’

The also-rans – heavy-drinking, quarrelling neanderthals, so it appears to be

All par for a most hostile course ever – to tuck on in utterly inebriated…

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‘In The Blink Of A Billion People’s Dreams’

The encourageable improvisation artfully abounds and a million thundering moments swell inordinately against the shape of his mental asphyxiation – hell upon empathetic earth

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‘Cuckoos In The Nest’

Not an artist, not anything like it, as though ruffled up and ready was her go-to, albeit utterly transfixed with something, just not so sure what anymore…

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‘A Minute Past Midnight’

New York City, sweet Briar-Rose Red Avenue. And a meandering minute sweeps past midnight.

Steeped in unofficial sadness – a rather resolute person who owns the…

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