‘Remembering Rose’

Lacking in creativity, the stolen soul

All imaginatively bewildering fixations endlessly ceasing to be – she’s down upon right round her pulsating knees

Praying to…

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‘Problematic Themes’

Bohemian and entirely lost of a way with wonderful words anymore – the darkly attired, dutifully exhausted imbecile seems to have had his sun-stroked day wherein haphazard…

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‘Born Brilliant’

Nestled under between the sickeningly suggestive under beneath – and a mountain of hungry blue-bottled flies swarm continually…

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‘A Borrowed Belonging’

Old lady Bailey breathes eerily within – all of this rancidly awry lonesomeness relatively cradled by far-fetched and burgeoning loneliness of petrified hers

Recalls a lost…

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A shallow breath of stressed and rather suggestively stinging air
This impenetrable girl has been crying, trembling, terribly trying…

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‘Burn The Witch’

Knee-deep and mannerly magnetic, this tear-stricken individual with attempted loopholes near where her rancid and awfully awry laces used to be

All hands upon pulsating deck…

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“Born Faster Than A Bullet”

Your distinct class of invisible broken-back seax appears to have been the most appropriately named of armorial instrument – unsheathe to garner a quick breath of fresh…

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‘The Relief Is Coming’

Someday finally so very suddenly soon
When we fall upon haphazard misshapen mistaken knees and ask for his/her cold frozen and salty hand again – a begging and…

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