‘the girl’

bodacious estranged a turning girl with a stroke of wishful genius she feels everything mild mannered within trips and talks and walks whereabouts wherever they can see…

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‘A Wonderful Waste Of His Time’

A painted – pained – portrayal of heavenly airs and grace – note the endless aptitude, the constant corruption
The self-deluded sting of the screaming in-between


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Something stirs and, then, forever fail to hold your meandering tongue, oh chosen one –
whimsical carries with him an adventurous way with ludicrous words
Whip-smart carries with him…

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‘Wise Words of Riptorn Bewilder’

Set yourself down upon right round and witness something with sizeable behaviour – to finally, barbarically, act like a societal someone

And one stressed man semi-excitedly…

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“This is my life”

The bare-knuckle ride – abated breath and a silver-tongue only no-one’s been listening

Against the grained existence, crumbling knees / worn n torn n tremendously pleading

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‘Remembering Rose’

Lacking in creativity, the stolen soul

All imaginatively bewildering fixations endlessly ceasing to be – she’s down upon right round her pulsating knees

Praying to…

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‘Problematic Themes’

Bohemian and entirely lost of a way with wonderful words anymore – the darkly attired, dutifully exhausted imbecile seems to have had his sun-stroked day wherein haphazard…

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