“An open-ended book which can single-handedly cause pause for encyclopaedic thought – that look of total awe aside wound-up bravado, upon a writer’s scribblesome part – par…

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Had to do it, one hell-sent both -bent and marvellously angular way or manner of sacro-thankful both-sanct mannerism

The playful both plagiarised decision had to have…

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‘Fragmented Magnificence’

Untimely gatherings of early arisings: mislaid hysteria battles amidst that of an unfathomably drunk both alarmingly sober piano-player, who earns the thrust both trust of an instrumentally…

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‘Approach with caution’

Soon as a genius loses his will – wickedly apt and audacious wherewithal

A ferocity-laden fall to taste the corner curb of agonised and teeth-shattering atrophy…

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‘Enigmatic Apocalypse’

An enigmatic apocalypse catches frightful sight with a maniacal night – sideswipes and winds right by

Her detrimental eyes for sentimental persuasion, just upside-down earmarked as…

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