They took time and tended to it with a fine-tooth-comb actually, and they bartered with the eco-friendly seconds to make (ABSOLUTELY) nonsensical friends with the minutesWeTendToWeave; the people

That played this game were pecuL!AR(!!) and left to their RightMinded Devices and NONE-TOO-ordinarily asking:

(the/se)Irreparably bleak questions {of themselves}. It is A \\Sit And See What It Does To Their Theory-Of-Everything// Type-of-Thing and we’ve been

Courageously inundated with the inner-within of our (very) (own) conscientiously pragmatic minds. Time stands still… standing tall AND small… and ALL OF THE OTHER OUTRAGED angles it takes
To jade itself out, “EVENTually.”

“We {REALly} like to stay fresh-minded and rather Real Relics Of OurLatterDay Selves.” Even if == to turn the other cheek IS to still speak

AND peak: At the Brim Of Having Been This… “utterly Habitual person actually.”