What you have managed to do is quite sensational really
To turn this tide of horrendous disapproval when least anticipated – fate having dealt you a fair dastardly hand
One half agonisingly tantalised by the behemoth other far more vicious aside lesser being that takes to rolling in on hot wheels – you just cannot continue to be miraculously smothered by these harshened, rather pedestrianised times – peeled away from the real and heightened truer version of you for all to gloriously see
When it will need to simply be roller-coaster rapid, pure unadulterated bliss within this wickerwork eggshell of yours soon to become nothing but absolute uncrackable backbone supreme – you’ve bled for the two of you, and now, oh miraculous friend of mine, seems high time indeed that you begin to breathe some brand new wind right back on through these awaiting sails of yours
Please, please feel free to pour immediately on into our superior vision – your precision to steer this particularly peculiar ship of yours, per se, blows the insides of my creatively inclined mind
Funnily enough, I just cannot find the necessary words to describe you