Types til to type shall be all that can snake its way in – to suggest a thing of ten-thousand destructive, constructive imaginings and we will lean in to read her rip-torn, thistle-thorn words and at amalgamated, ashen-faced pace

Enthusiastic to the pause-for-thought cause of a cigarette-laden lifestyle, when her weapons also appear to be her dishevelled and outright fantastical nemesis, a bolstered in red-ribbons enemy

The living, reeling e-n-i-g-m-a set to deplore all of these problematically awry people with inabilities nestled right by
Their uncomfortable brains
Can, They, Really, Come, Back, For, More, Of, The, Same?

Some of us seem to say so … even if we fail to mean it

She sees one such fabricated way to match these preposterous moments midst a tasteful, tasteless grace : all of it utterly insinuated and perpetrated til … otherworldly pronounced to stereophonically announce

One lacklustre and homogeneous thing gathered and gainfully garnered from purposefully n-o-t-h-i-n-g

Sally-Anne with her coattails whipped ‘n’ pained : into misshapen shape

She struts to hurt her interior designs, one of an unkindly kind

With this wine-glass exterior, she fears next-to-nothing guided and disguised by all of these paralysed nobody’s
Again, she’s away on a red-ribboned, weaponry whim – and brings with her her lucrative words for her insipid bullets : over-enthused by sordid sorts of sacrilege and comfortably inspired

Her mind neither imprisons itself nor it doesn’t ; she is a mismatched and unexplained thing of dog-eared beauty

And she appears to be – The Limitless Highway
She breathes and we sneeze – to see the beat-back explosion swarmed to swim endlessly within
A thousand red roses placed right by her waterfall-en face
Misplaced and these tears are feeding the surface of her thirst-laden Earth again
Brought back to life by posthumous disguise : she’s not a model, not a prophet, yet she is simply our preordained summarise
We speak soon as she is spoken too, drag her down to the ground and she grabs at the circumference of the Sun and arises to arrive : by these calling times