Earth and they hurt because they care so damn much
It’s a gift and those who match their living breathing ways for utter gusto see it as though ’twere just a natural born necessity about this wayward world of ours

Savour these people because we amount graciously amidst, soon as we let each of them in – you just fucking know that there is one of us in all of you
Bring it to the settled table, wherein every single storm in a tea cup, dipped in the need for undiluted laughter, amounts to mean desirably suggestive everything
And … so suddenly … we’re away on a most wonderful whim, setting fire to the third bar, people have to start to lend a pin-pricked ear and to just f**king finally listen

Because each of us is asking the other for outright forgiveness – press your tender selves against the begging to be released underbelly and collude to collide right by the demonstrative middle, please

Or else these blood-torn wars will spill upon ten-thousand winter weather shores of ours and bring us upon crookedly crucified knees – begging the people for uttermost equal equality in a tumble-drier world where words can rumble round these politically inclined motormouths and kill

She ain’t religious but she needs Moses to part these red oceans and blow the sails set to soar again

Accept the flaws n all and the surface thaws itself right out
Promise you that above all else my good, good soliloquy friend …

because, can’t you simply see it, I’ve been fighting to write, to flick the flames of desire to tame your falter-ego and relight a kind soul