There’s an insinuation – sin-kingly – that it’s all been a big bad/assed waste of TiMe! Times time.. times multiplied by Life- the lethargically/enhanced layabouts, these “wonderfully ambitioUS overACHIEVERS” with their
N DisPositioN$

Always and forever asking, asking… damndownright BASKING
In (the gRoAniNg after-glow of)
Another singular Person’s admitted sense of monetary “Shame.”

On those peripheral and plainFACED, inevitably about-to-be FAZED/out and acrimoniously antagonistic individuals.

Annnnnyhow, do they EVEN deserve this next line anyway?! Hardly ever, in FACT:

Annnnd back… … to these seen-to be-layabout pEopLe- our 24/hour high-wired and -MiNdeD creators

Of catchphrase conversations and ScintilLATEd instances of laugh/a/minute mania of meanderingly magnificental mind

What did we do to deserve them? Absolutely NOTHING… and WHAT did they do to be here?

More than we can literally imagine, and therein LIES THEIR TRAGEDY: mine or yours or his or hers or theirs or ours?!

Who cares to judge, but the poet with his breath pressed gently against/ ALL OF THE LISTENING EARS of the world

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