Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal has to be the right title
I know it sounds rather absurd but perhaps that’s the point
Perhaps it will let people know I’m not exactly what you might call normal
What’s wedged between the cover and the back is all of me, be that good or something that reads to some as though I’m so far from truly free it’s ridiculous
If they ask why I decided to call it Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal then at least I’ll know this much for sure, that they bought the book in the first place
They can ask away before heading off to read the entirety of the book at their own pace
You can rest assure I’ll be the one left with a smile upon my face
Truth is this, Salzmannshcule Schnepfenthal is a school in Germany where ‘The Depressed Artist’ went when she was a young girl, an incredible artist who found herself in a world of trouble
If you’re wondering about her right this minute then she’s doing just fine, managing to settle the demons somewhat, surround herself along with her ever-supportive boyfriend inside the safest bubble
Anyhow, that will be the name of my book, a name that means a lot to me, I did after all write a poem of the same name
People liked it even if she felt the need to take some of the blame for me describing her depressed state of mind
But now, when I read through it I see that she was only ever looking to find her way
Her name is Sue and she’s one of the finest artists out there
Anonymous? Why would you want to remain anonymous when you’ve got that much to give and much more