To defend themselves against the faith of their favourite predecessors, and, appears here, a claustrophobic want-away artist who happens to courageously carry within themselves something unanimously withstanding… all of these unforgiving instances of intricately upheaval – and he will allow himself the nurturing credibility to comfortably both conscientiously qualify and chaotically quarrel with a fighting fit and fiercely felt easel which still embarks and stands and proudly reaches for the strength of Their famous finger-trail. When the replicated bend, the quicksome break, of a body of pulsating bone panders for suitable suggestion … to predominantly produce nearly near-perfection again …

And she will eventually both inevitably meander with the placement of a paintbrush’s weightless physique… …both gently and mentally trying for a specific kind of peace and true tranquility

Truth is, her mind made itself up way before her easel even scares to scream.

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