We’ve been nestled in red and black PERSUASION and asking for automatic malfunctioning anyway, plEASE “seeping inside of our highly ‘RIGHT’ minds.” And if it is seriously something which will work for all of the unmentioned above PeOplE Of Permitted Piedmont Persuasion then

Why won’t they stand the effinG/hell immediately back again and NOT ASK: “us how the **** we simply survived amidst this broken-down derangement of inexplicable… determination which swims AnYWaY.”

They seemed aforesaid automatic at being beyond the inner reaches of themselves. EVEN WHEN(??)… we went smouldered INTO THE UNKNOWN in Red and Black aforesaid GOLD and emoting

these serenely set and AwkwaRdly, perhaps, POSED sentences: It’s a strange little big bad and interfering world even if we are willingly interested in investing our WirEd eyes “JUST RIGHT…”. And if something else DETRIMENTAL HAD TO HAVE HAPPENED TO SOMEONE SO VERY ear achingly special what with ALL OF THESE OVEREmoTionAl compliments taking

Preparatory sHaPe – “it will have happened whilst they did not even realise the REALness {sleeping} inSide oF their shapeshifting eyes.” It’s been… it’s… been… … ahem, it HAS been

A test in utter circumstantial and tear-laden effect and she’s —-) still standing and with her
Enveloped heartBReak finally taking: previously PRE-approved shape. We were drastic people, perhaps, but WITH A HEAVY HEART:

It’s most probably ALL OF IT been wOrTh itS effedUP wEiGhT in upside_down MeNtAl mInD pummelling’s (anyway). Even the damn dastard blasted mother effing tIcS which take us to that pace of total

And UTTERLY _- unasked for mental demonstration— Yes, it’s a game and, NEEDLESS TO SAY, “we have to pLay it like a versed mAsterclAss

In… … everything we have felt FOR FREE, for a fee of “GO FUCK YOURSELF, Please.” For the sake of ourselves AND almost everybody else – the same sTuRdY-faced individuals WHO STOOD with thunder in their veins

.. and held out their hands TO CATCH US AMIDST all of our outlandishly idiosyncratic

Exceptions, which WILL eventually DO WELL TO drown themselves DEEP