Sarah – “Do we have to do this now!?”

Mom – “But of course. It’s high time, Sarah. High, high time. Plus… if we don’t do it now, then you’re looking at another ten years of wasted opportunity.”

Sarah – “I realise this, but it’s so damn difficult, so damn ridiculously difficult. You know what I’ve been through!”

Mom – “Yes. We all know what you’ve been through, and it’s been crazy kinds of crazy, but that is exactly why it has to… needs to stop!”

Sarah – “But how!?”

Mom – “I’m not quite sure yet, my love. We’ll figure a way, though.”

Sarah – “A way, finally, from the fear and the dread, you mean?”

Mom – “And anything else you might be needing to escape… we’ll do it. We will manage it all. I promise. Just so long as you take my hand, okay?”

Sarah – “No pressure, then.”

Mom – “Never any pressure. That’s the thing, pressure will only ever work at wearing you down again and again. You’ve seen this. So many times.”

Sarah – “I’m so tired, Mom.”

Mom – “We’re all tired for you, love. We all want you to feel a little bit better. Well, no, actually… a lot bit better. You know what I mean.”

Sarah – “You’re silly. But I do love you. I care that I will be okay, that both of us will be okay. I just want… to feel one single day where my head doesn’t… feel like there are shotguns going off inside, you know?”

Mom – “I do. And that day will surely come, soon as you trust me. And try and start trusting your gut, that gut… right there… has gotten you so very far. Remember all of the things that you’ve had to pull yourself through, kicking and screaming?”

Sarah – “That’s the thing, I had no other choice than to carry on.”

Mom – “See, that’s not exactly true, love. I’ve seen the life you’ve had to manage and manoeuvre, I’ve seen the endless nights, witnessed a million phone calls over and over again, seeking constant reassurance. Even read your note you wrote that particular time to say goodbye to all of us.”

Sarah – “I’m sorry, that was so wrong. I didn’t…”

Mom – “I know you didn’t, it’s alright. Many people are dealt a bad card, and you were dealt a bad, bad one. Maybe one of the worst. I can’t really say for sure.”

Sarah – “Why me, though!?”

Mom – “You do know that that is one of the questions you will have to stop asking yourself? Myself.”

Sarah – “That’s far, far easier said than done, Mom.”

Mom – “I know. I know full well it’s a lot easier said. But, like I say, like your father says, we will work it out. There’s always a way. You know that to be true, don’t you?”

Sarah – “I think so. I mean… yeah. There’s always one way or another, I’m just not sure if there are too many ways left for a bitter and beat-down ‘wannabe’ like me.”

Mom – “You’re not a ‘wannabe’… or any of those other awful things you say. You’re magic. True magic and right to the core. I suppose we just need to figure out one of those ways sooner rather than later so that we can dust off the bad feelings and for you to get going again.”

Sarah – “I never got going in the first place, Mom.”

Mom – “Well, then. Why not see what the fuss is all about?”

Sarah – “What’s it like?”

Mom – What’s what like? You mean Life!?”

Sarah – “Mm hmm.””

Mom – “It can be amazing. It can be tragic. It can be anything and everything all rolled into one.”

Sarah – “Not all plain sailing, then!? How extremely disappointing.”

Mom – “I wish. We all wish! But you… all of us for that matter, have only to give it our best shot. Yes, you’re down. And yes, you’ve lost an unspeakable amount, but you need to begin to make yourself feel proud.”

Sarah – “Where to begin, huh?”

Mom – “Right here…”

Sarah – “…Right now?”

Mom – “You said it.”