Stop, just … please … stop your interluding intrusion to my paused thought of a strifetime

You have done enough for now and it – All Of It – has been sickeningly insinuating and then something otherworldly ill-prepared

Frozen-faced and sidled uncomfortably, uncontrollably aside these entirely problematic people, indeed they do not seem to see any of this at all
Whatsoever, in fact, even if they do not mean to be this particular way

Peripheral people, if you will…
With plastic existences, fear fraught and frightens the mind right from me – a ghostly, ghastly silhouette of my dreamed-for former self

Psychiatric-ally, I am insane, unsafe to say
Or half way there at least – caught in the unabridged in-between, this inescapable picture holds a headache-d, heartache-d scripture all of and on its own

Homegrown and
Unnatural territory

And this meandering behaviour is dastard at best, an unpardonably disordered thing of hidden and crucifying events

All of these motherf**king pill-popping, mid-a.m. instances, contagiously inept reawakening entities of their fabricated own and rolled into the next rigmarole-d one

So it seems to appear to be, killing me by the never-ending bleed
We are all of us creatively inclined to cry right by the bleeding and bloodied supernatural careen of a lifetime

Taken away from myself via a certain degree

Of high-wired crazy – and I just cannot get myself out from the undeniable under-beneath

T-h-i-e-f – retarded ’til wrongfully retired and, to simply think, that it was even a reach to so much as feel the better edges of my shape-shifting, misbehaving face

Can they not simply see, that I am down upon my knees – crying out for a crazy kind of r-e-w-i-n-d!!

Seems the bitter-pill has been popped and swallowed a million times too many for now, a thankless task that took none of it back

To where it rightly belongs – all she ever really longed for was the light to let itself in, for one first time

Frightfully so, if it will…

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