These tears do seem to cascade a million ways on downwards
In and around me
Much further than I could have ever imagined
Both my arms are broken and I get to feel none of you
We’re typically tumbling, fumbling in the dark
Doing loneliness in absolute style
Longing for that besieged spark – perhaps never really there in the first place
You planted my seed first off, then mesmerisingly tore all of it away
Do. I. Always. Need. To. Pay. For. Something. I. Didn’t. Do.
They spit in your face but I still love you either way
When it rains it pours oh so painfully
Then… when we think of one another I get to tie a feathersome rope right round your everything – smother these memories, when my juvenile mind gets to explode all over
Red carpet miles blinding us entirely
So you know, I’ve proposed to a woman far better than you…
Save me!!

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