We seem to have seen-it-all before and are previoUSly (UN)preprepared to stare

Down-the-barrel of yet another-GARGANTUAN-gun; someone somewhere and RIGHT ABOUT NOW: just MUST UNDERSTAND:

How it f-e-e-l-s to grab their very-own-hand and to talk-with-it and to walk-with-it to that plACE
Of dIsHeVeLlEd understatement, actually.

We’ve arguABLY antagonised the rhythm-of-rhyme To Bolster-Our-Beautiful-Mind$; have very nearly EVEN

Gathered the tenacity-of-time- to make sense of something (SO VERY) singular AND decidedly ReAl… AND PECULIAR

Peel your mind’s eye wide-shut again… plEASE(.) For SHE is about-to-GO(!)

To that cReAtiVe AND spontaneoUS pl-ACE of cantankerous AND cutthroat design ——-

Why not?! Build these beautiful paintings ‘Til brought Themselves WONDERfully-back-together once more—

And surely-both-suitABLY: BEGin to Let ourselves stART… to savour the pourrrr!!