He will courageously smile whilst getting to subtly strike a trembling match, slowly but oh so truly start to recall a tapestried time way back when it all took place
One soothing pull and he’s very nearly there, stripping back the intricately problematic, altogether manically re-surfacing time again outer layer
This handsome albeit equally dishevelled face longs to see it, every last memorable bit – a time way back when endless rhyme let itself instrumentally occur aside continuous degrees of blatantly beautiful reason
He will attempt to stall the momentary ball, make what’s humdrum transform itself into what suddenly gets to appear all kinds of musical
All too terrifically betray these inner demons which swim and perilously pull like petrifyingly placed puppeteers rather deceitfully within, prepare this particular suited-up genius to go all over again – really, the fedora says it all
A juiced-up microphone – electronic and entirely prised the right way round – to toe the absolute line for a monumental while, sumptuous downright lyrics created on something of a relative whim to turn the whole wide and thirsty world on its steady head
They are ready and most probably earned it by this stage, for seems they’ve done away with their each and every weekly minimum wage
Speaking of which, he will need to step on up one more time and take to it
A different kind of parade all in his hybrid fledgling/veteran honour
Sweat-ridden and swarming in jaw-droppingly alarming fashion – the passion to hold this man’s charming hand is just otherworldly

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