This seems to be the exact right place for us to stay, to memorably splay our high-wired wits about
Get to rather sumptuously amount to very nearly everything – flavoursome is one such word
Perhaps earned
Like we always wished for having unfortunately been forced to draw these particularly short straws
All at once
Tell me when is the correct time to sing it, maybe when you can beautifully garner something of a surefire hunch…
Then we will finally get to stretch these flailing arms out wide and bring it all back to a ‘proper’ reality
Supernatural, if you might like – why not trick this stroked and stoked time again wicker mind, find no such way whatsoever to pay it forward
Safe to say I’m incredibly excited, might just divulge in dipping a petrified toe or ten
Liquify it all ’til the water begins to boil, if time does indeed permit
Manicured to within a pretty inch each and every trembling last one of them
Wait for the penultimate say when

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