How the f*%k do you do it, juggle like an absolute jester!?
I just felt the utter necessity to make this odd-ball call because, well, my beloved wife cannot, and will not, stop ranting and raving about these ‘oh so luscious waves of fiction’ you seek to create
Fair play
In an entirely separate manner of speaking, thank the Lord, you have her completely sedated
I never really believed that this particular thing could be done but it seems it has
One line at a corrosive time, at least in my particular instance!
Am I jealous? Absolutely
I’m probably better looking but I just don’t have the ability to create, sedate as I say, and go all over again
I’m sure as sugar you have also managed to woo a few friendly women all of your own accord
Those open to all sorts, without your ever really feeling it
Be completely honest here, c’mon!
After all, it’s fabricated lies to the truest extent is your font
I mean, it’s the way of the world right this very minute and now I come at you with high hopes that you can somehow, anyhow, take it upon yourself to perhaps lend a line or twenty to me
You write and I turn out to be the ‘ghost-writer’ – is this what your sort might like call it?
As I say, I really do not have a clue!
By the way, if she ever finds out about this endeavour needless to say she will blow a fuse, never, ever speak to me again
Please stick with me
Understand, and absolutely get ready to pretend all over again
You seem to have the words and I most certainly have the notes!

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