What they have actually done is beyond the scale of mindfulness and beyondness.. BEYOND anything which dramatically dreams

Of realms of screaming, SCHEMING happiness, actually. There are no more second acts, no NOTHING infact. But for these..

Alarmingly mighty individual entitlements who have been secluded(sacrilegiously so) and sent—-

To send us all UP and to the ultimate extent- there’s no more wanderings of oldfashioned words. This had and STILL-WILL-BE: their merry little aforeMENTIONED OLD woRlD. Of warlords and criminal(crime-fighting) masterminds who have

Altered it ALL, indeed: we do appear to feed by their lucrative teed. And it seems to feel… …

Jaunty and fucking jUxtApOsEd and d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y lopsided AND defiantly worth its weight – in doomed-to-be-brilliant gOLD(…)