You are my suicide peroxide-blonde and I’m bound for broke-down brilliance

Yet I still dip inside all of the more under-qualified
Paralysed eyes by the scatter-scratch of mistletoed red wine at the stretch

Of midnight -sketched wildly right by my-oh-my dancing demons

To placate utter individuality, guided by mesmerised clouds which salt ‘n’ pepper-spray these unforgiving a.m. pills

Poised forefinger to lethargic lips instilled

Barely 23 and almost very nearly free

‘Fingerling’ has been watching, witnessing
Seeing something agonised, violently, silently violin-ed within all of me

Strings bleed til singing for themselves

The orchestra of elongated dreams has been begging to belong
Whilst we’ve been preaching to the ‘Queen of Actuality’ – hand-in-hand, let’s dance…

Where ever have you been, my sweet whispering Aimee?

An upside-down frown and Manhattan time hands itself over to a pair of wanderlust, gung-ho egos who stand nakedly still aside harrowingly petrified

Legs-eleven, let us delve like tasteful crazy again… a gain in nature’s scripture

Window-spilt significantly re-aware

Fight Club carries with it a denizen demise

Coffee and stilted cream, a bare-knuckled gluten-free bacon Swiss cheese bagel and, yet again, she believes that
I am recklessly real

As do I she

A patient finds no true patience

The crack of dawn awakens her perfectly slanted slumber from sudden juxtaposed positioning  -seems she’s been needfully crying

Inside of me/begging to be/where ever lies our equanimity

My dancing demon disguised by all of the lies as my mind plays preparatory tricks on me, hits rewind to problematically paralyse our pursuit of happiness

Guided entrapment

The only kind of bloody we are is bloody brilliant -you broke my brain with a brilliance never too far from insane

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