Trembling hands which held all of these seeming to be impossible dreams rather pitifully within, scattered about the place by this waterfall of cascading tears
Must his time be oh so very alarmingly derogatory aside crazily hellbent upon drying him right the way out
Homegrown memories entirely torn of their own harrowing and wayward accord, so far from fleeting, altogether courageous in their deceitful need to meet him right by the agonised middle – there was no such pill ever created for this
He will continue on regardless – one resolute albeit quivering foot in front of the other
A sublime time does indeed come when you just must smother it all to a point of finally anointing yourself incredibly able – these piercing blue eyes opting upon failing to cry again, picking themselves right up, aligning it all ’til this seriously untapped talent gets to relish and interrupt everything oh so perfectly once more
Can’t you see it now, that door was always left tremendously ajar

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