Cooler than the cursed sun
Sippin’ on this stale ale ‘n’ wanderin’ whiskey to free me

Waste-not, want-not – you colour-coded infuse my font
By the stretch of our early-a.m. impromptu summarise

Sketch this lifelike illustration til nocturnal embellishes itself in irreversible reel on up inside
Disguised by all of nothing, really
Keener, clearer than the crystal-blue ocean

Causes a commonly commotion between these windswept bedsheets
The moon is moving
Yet you’ll never get to wave me off, though…

Please, I’m correcting all of your heavenly mistakes because you seem to make me feel real
Intertwined in aforementioned brilliance, your yawned teardrops simply glisten

We’ve been ego-imprisoned inescapable affable embargo
Bargaining upon these visualised dreams
Pardon my manly adequacies
Shall we cordon ourselves off soft to the touch to dance again

That strapping percolated pencil-skirt you wore so very wonderfully yesterday evening that hurt my prioritised eyes – wishful thinking
Sink-to-swim, may as well be upon the ceiling

Feel all of me
I’ll equip myself to kiss these resting lips – stretched to saturate and savour
My adolescence has been delinquently pressed in humorous jest against your beating chest, wherein the unchained nipple-ring lets itself in to see me
Freeze-frame inequality

A coffee and a resurfaced cigarette to choke fun at the other person, go easy
Stressed breath, stripped killer bee-stinger lips

I’ve been meaningfully meaning to grab my guitar and to string it back together again – fix this fender from its last great air-bender by the curb of perished dreams
Where relationships go to break their brain, to bounce back again

If your individuality dares to feel it
A gainful gaining in silly English scripture – who’s the literary fool… only you my dear

Whispered sweet-nothings mean everything
Seems you’ve been listening, twisting your bare-bottomed, bare-knuckle-fisted exterior til sitting sordidly and nakedly pristine
Oh, Christine
Shape-shifter, dream-stealer
Kaleidoscopic heartbreaker … Where ever have you been?

Playing on renegade reverse
Up inside of another person’s thirst

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