These people don’t even seem to SEE WHAT IT MIGHT TAKE: to be individual DIVERIGHTIN(!) masterpieces— each of them an eye open individual, indeed, of hidden and maladjusted/justifiable(!?) insecurities. Please; let’s witness their gracious nature take hereditary heed of itself—- – to breathe unequivocally both VOCALLY(..)

Let’s even LET.. the time rhyme itself back to belonging aGAIN(!) We are ALL of these things which we dreamed about BEing and much, FARMORE(!!) than even that pARTicular thing.

It’s a dreamscape- a misnomer, maybe.. …

Even so VERY nEARLY(-a.m.) as much as
An aforeMENTIONED mid-moment escape
Something never-ever worth its weight/WAIT in Rembrandt remembrances

Can her memory REALLY mean everything? Absafuckinglutely.