They’ve been asking themselves all these able-minded and AMPLIFIED questions again, wondering.. “WHEN, Oh.. WHEN?!”

Will these painterly institutions of OURS ably INSIST upon showing themSELVES- S-E-L-F-I-S-H-L-Y
— “absolutely everything!” Which lies mildly-both-WiLdlY inside

An Artist’s able-HEADED and HAPPINESS of ARTificially antagonised mind

This artist, that ARTIST.. “Yes! THE ArtIsT, please.” And immediately —

With this building built brick-by-BORROWED-brick and it oUgHt to have… satisfactorily interrupted

One (WHOLE) city the world over and their ADMITTEDLY singular sense of—

Interior EmotIoN. In it Lives
A humanoid ocean of seen-to-BE aforeMENTIONED Uninterrupted PeOplE!!

With their hElTeR-sKeLtEr wits b-r-e-a-k-i-n-g and their magnificent MIGHT-of-mind… ultimately disQUALIFIED from “this LiFe of WILDLY UPSIDE-down suggestion$!”

HOW EVER will they EVEN begin to retrieve a semblance OF SOCIETY again?!

Of their beautiful and handsome selves…

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