She sold her soul to any Devil that may care to gladly have her – an unnatural lady with nothing but a vilified life and all of it crazily contaged ritualistically within

She sins for her morning a.m. breakfast through to her lacklustre evening supper, prepared to go the dastardly distance, indeed

She feeds by the sword of weaponry white lies

And… summarise

Para-glides to memorise these moments of bare-boned and bountiful brilliance, so she seems to think

Swoops to scoop atop of their living, seething entrails…

And she shrinks away to next to nothing really, so that they shall miss her outright envy coaxed venomously alongside headstrong ability

She is the new blue blood and we will need to believe in her flitting degrees of deceptive negligence so as to resound and abound and heavily rely upon the pause for fought thought cause of a strifetime

It is all of it created by the warlord reckoning – cloaked and dagger-swaggered and swims inescapably within… these demonic eyes

We have to ask though, where ever might her mind have been, whilst we were getting to letting ourselves to vividly dreaming?

A passion for the kill, putrefying and instilled like manic kinds of swarmed wildfire

Yes, it appears to lie right by the angle of her insipid eye for blood-thirsty industry – she sins soon as we speak… and it seems we’ve been living on a plagiarised prayer

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