When you left half of me died inside
For we travelled both above and beyond
One such pond of hope where upon its each and every surface our reflections seemed to replicate our smiles
We hiked for miles, ’til settling down to squeezed orange atop tea
Needless to say, my mother’s very own favourite concoction
Sipped right there upon our endlessly carefree mountain table
Which only ever sent a most memorable shiver on up my broken-then-fixed-again spine
Later in the evening, and you’ll remember it well, a charred glass of wine – our very own brew
Then, and only then, we knew that everything might just be alright
Up all the night, coaxing previously untold stories and jokes from one another
Forgetting the horrendous cloaks and daggers which sit right beneath all of their own accord
Yet I need to tell you this more than anything else, you were my father’s favourite person in the whole wide world
And now, as it turns out, you are absolutely mine
Trust me, I will get to find you all over again
For I stand here, utterly de-robed upon our lavish mountain-side once more
Rather heavily intent on dipping a toe back inside of our oceaned pond
No longer willing to hide
Please, bear with me and try to open up your disheveled eyes
One more time

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