A multitude of malnourished books, books with flipping pages which stress themselves equally well out, as their avid and angst-rattled “owners” per se. Mountain-like libraries, hunched over slightwards, which portray utter literary gusto courtesy of these past great centuries finest writers
As supposed to anything else all of that eternally earnest anymore
Hardly momentary, albeit all of them swimming still slyly both shyly within… the boiled blood of these excellently excelling characterizations, who do indeed attempt to care like tasteful crazy about the particular term, ahem… ‘taking you for a FOOL’ – via another sailing-close-to-the-abbreviated-winds so-we-see-it, plainly insanely, the uncontrollable uncomfortable universe, namely:
Fictional diction which shall both cater and can… forever ‘wave’ pretence-like
In the farreaching faces of our SwElLiNg direction =Sent to sea, to CaPsIzE with me