The wish to create that one masterpiece of scribbles is all it needs, in my opinion anyhow. That’s it. Always was, actually. Doesn’t matter if anyone thinks it such a thing or not. I suppose you’ll just know on a personal level when you know, right? No ego, no interpreting it or trying to explain it for other people. They can read, they can laugh, they can think and even say it is to be utter shite with a capital WHAT THE F*CK IS ALL THIS STUFF?! 😆 There are no rules of regulation with the scribbles. No nothing, except maybe the utter need to grab that pen.. usually it’s actually not a pen at all and rather it all ends up on this page and then… onto a cereal box it goes. Ah… so there is a pen in the end 🤷‍♂️ I dunno why. Who knows. But the scribbles are there, disappear for a while, a while in my instance tending to be, 🤔.. maybe a day?! It doesn’t bother me because, well, the need to create anything whatsoever at all definitely outweighs anything else for me. So, yeah, the fun of trying to get into it from a brand new angle yet again, that’s the thing for me anyhow 😃 But, yeah. The idea of stopping scribbling does sound so damn enticing sometimes too. But then…. I’m head over heels with the attempt all over again