‘Concrete AnD gOLD’

With eyes on fire she’s a facsimile version of all of these better things
With pert breasts and a magical A-Cup portrayal she feels many a thing whilst…

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‘Borrowed Warriors’

Nobody aside nothing
In any peculiar form, shape, nor law and ghastly order

Dreamscape New York – network – City sitting pretty and tasteless all at one…

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‘Drowning In A Sea Of Self Pity’

A broken heart, this darting hidden ability – to magnificently adhere
To these multi-syllabic things
Of his, both cherished aside carefully judged

Therein lies a protrusion to solely…

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‘Alicia Is’

Precious and talking as though even the most alarmingly nonsensical stuff would soon start to make exceptional sense
Of itself

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‘The Ephemeral Fever’

This pen-tale tattler, constantly creating again, this nurturing aside wildfire nature

To settle her thinking utensil and to hold its heavenly gain as close to her…

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‘The Birth of the Real World’

An artist sips, sits, senses the overture, the undergrowth of the undertone

Aren’t we all just his careful and careless emissaries though?
Bullish – born to belong…

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‘Just Jim And His Easel’

He means no real harm, the driving divide between then and now has been careening – something fairly sizeable
An artist needs to create a place for constant…

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