”I want to create that one poem, prose … whichever really, that can make a person feel just how a music lover might feel when the tip of the…

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‘Hidden Figures’

Nicotene bites at the trail of her softly scattering fingernails – And a dark yellow stain sails angrily against

The face of one room’s par excellence…

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Had to do it, one hell-sent both -bent and marvellously angular way or manner of sacro-thankful both-sanct mannerism

The playful both plagiarised decision had to have…

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‘New York Maze Matters’

Stellar cocktails permitted by unofficial people – namely these make-believe, living seething Artistes only minus the capital gaining

What shall it perhaps take for aforementioned individuals…

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‘Approach with caution’

Soon as a genius loses his will – wickedly apt and audacious wherewithal

A ferocity-laden fall to taste the corner curb of agonised and teeth-shattering atrophy…

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“She asked him what it felt to feel phenomenal. And he told her… nothing.”

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