‘Made By A Rose-Thorn’

There were a few manners of breaking the unequalled divide, indeed – she races with the pulsating nature of this strange and stranger still…

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“Elemental, Please”

“A torso fights for sudden survival because it should abruptly interrupt both SOOTHINGLY intrude… upon its own very lonely soul suggests just such a wondrous thing, pl-ease.” 
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The stage admires its tedium-splayed boardwanderer.. never a -walker. Not quite; very nearly near to never. Still.. wishing upon a childlike dream – the auteur creates these…

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‘The Visions of a Peripheral Genius ’

The ultimate intricacies of a gently perturbed chess player’s might of mind – fallen soldiers still fight. Open-ended atrophies about to endlessly happen. Inevitable and ready to…

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”I want to create that one poem, prose … whichever really, that can make a person feel just how a music lover might feel when the tip of the…

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