Once akin to a snail but now you seem utterly incapable of slowing the pace
This ain’t no race yet your sails have been set
Regret nothing, replicate everything, and be oh so sure to take it all in humourous gest
You’ve impressed far too many people to ever try and mention – quenched a thousand-and-one thirsts
Slowly but surely burst on into their every imagination
An overseas sensation about to take monstrous hold
Be bold… be oh so goddamn beautiful!
High time for you to garner the delicious fruits of your painstaking labour
We do indeed adore your particular flavour
As I say, savour all of these memories
Ferries will try as they might to catch your every last wind, tugboats harnessing frayed ropes to one side, longing to preciously come aboard
Strangers with their over-analytical nature, you with your ravishingly bespoke words
No necessity for swords… no nothing
Face forward, parrot about to weep, strut your stuff and speak, dear poet, speak