They were taking their tucking-in-of-time very nice and eagerly now; as shallow AND as slow. Actually as a Posed For Sale: MasterPEACE(.) “we are NOT people of any Particular Shape or Warmness-of-Form, indeed.” However(?) Well.. the Bible-bAsHeR said: all of the incorrect and MiSguiDeD things which everyoneElsE(almost!!) can see AND f-e-e-l, and theirs IS A PHYSICAL-fee forNOW(!!)

Of dragging their WarL*RD bones BACK FROM THE brINK and-home-again – and, Yet, “the UPset That that MAY-HAVE-caUSed-us is Mysteriously disgusting actually” – even though: everyone wanted AND WANTS TO kNOw(…) exactly what it w-i-l-l take

“To break EVENagain, plEASE(?)” Even if, down trodden ‘n’ all- “we have been wheeling ourselves around this world PUT-UPON an upside-down CrUcIfIxTilNOW.” And there IS no fixing born-in benevolence. “It just… is.”