Really, you want to get out there, to read your stuff, your storyboarded and rhythmic scribbles to the masses. Or, at least, I guess, what constitutes a literary mass of people 🤷‍♂️ Yeah, they are absolutely out there, but I don’t think that’s what the poem-pieces were only ever created for in the first place. There are other aims with it, other avenues that have yet to be visited. In fact, I haven’t, for whatever given reason and at any given time, been able to get out there and push it all the more. Maybe the website can take care of that part as I go. Maybe it already has. Still is. Maybe there are readers out there, slowly giving the site a sense of personality for themselves, all of their own. All of its own, in fact. Can a website have a particular personality? Absolutely, it can. Especially, perhaps, if it’s a literary website. You gotta drag it through the rough -poor-ass writing- and see how it fairs as you go. As you chase that much-anticipated and imagined ‘masterpiece’. I think the poem-piece count on the site is at about… 🤔 just over 5,000, give or take either a dip south or a skip north. That’s… good?! Hardly all that impressive because I’ve been chipping away and adding to it for… nearly, maybe, nine years now? Not sure, actually, when I really started to take it seriously for its worth, for my own literary worth. But, yeah. It’s been an absolute wonderful kind of pleasure. Your baby? 🤔, I guess it is, in an artistic instance. I mean, if I woke up one morning and the site had been deleted somehow, might I be heartbroken? … … fuck yeah, I would. Heartbroken, but I would go again

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