They’ve done it all now and vacated the whole wide sense-of-scene again- having SEEN enough things SEEMINGLY—

To tighten TIGHTERtogether their voluptuoUS heartstrings(..) Yes. It IS a thing..

And we WILL sing and we WILL doss about the place irregardless of anything else at all anymore and dOdDeR as if —

This was the only-ever playpen which we did indeed EVERneed, meet us at the e middle, please(!!) and LET. IT. Be: Crucifyingly brilliant, actually. “ALL. OF. THIS. Please”..

let them all know it NOW…

That the shape of their hearts ARE at the EXACTLY SAME precise shape AMD MEASUREMENT as their industrious nature is

Ultimately.. in=DEED, mates with itself.. actually. As fickle and fucksake hilariously whimsical and poetically disTASTEFUL as that MAY well get to be..

‘Tis the f*cking season

To. Set. Fire. To. The. 3rd. Bar. Inside of their merry little big bad brains- deceptive and deplorably deranged

And one writer WILL, sCrIbBlE tHeM BaCK In