People will come in their absolute droves
Always did, always will…
At least for a coffee, perhaps, in the very first instance
Yet we do indeed long for that eye-opening lapse in instrumental concentration on their each ‘n’ every part
A sudden early a.m. sensation about to string itself on up oh so goddamn flavoursome
Classic Blue Muffin, ham & cheese panini – everyday delicacies in and of their very own right
Of course it oh so extreme and equally all about the atmosphere as much as anything else
Really he just seems to be all of the time dreaming on up far bigger things inside of this rather intriguingly wanderlust mind of his
Prepared to step on in, read crazed lyrical for these seriously unsuspecting masses about to set themselves on shape-shifting rewind all over ’til it becomes blindingly obvious his intrepid art

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