They whisper near her ear to say – You Made It?
Made What?
She’d been finally chosen at absolute will
New York would be having her warts ‘n all
An opportunity to read and write aside do all of these things that she simply dreamed of doing
To walk right through Central Park – that spark in her eye frightfully overwrought in a most magical manner of which
Speak to the people with stories encapsulated fair sincerely within, oh the majestic dins to be gotten
A clapped out, albeit bustling to catch its own particular breath apartment, settled right by the behemothly shouldered Hudson River – her specialised bodyguard of gargantuan and luquefied sorts
Early a.m. coffee via Starbucks to entice these eyes all the more faster to a Class – A atmosphere
Clasp these radiant looking-glasses to the absolute thirsty surface and let your pretty self delve akin to like nothing we’ve ever imagined seeing before