Born with the bit between their teeth//Focussed full-first// Only nobody ever asked them why exactly.

Silenced // And then something sacrilegiously followed immediately right by // A wherewithal moment of ear-aching audacity meant // For an otherworldy announcement, probably.

These two-toned, worldly girls // Who’ve been specifically lathered in refreshing afterthought // Foresight sought-after and downright affably withstanding // Although // Although // Although.
Absolutely // Irreparably.

Able to remain eagle-eyed aware aside somewhat surreptitiously succinct // And undeniably flirtatious albeit meaningfully meant to amount // So soon as when amounting turned out to be // The farthest thing from their juvenile minds // Set to catch imaginative wildfire.

Fine wine aside evening-time sweet misbehaving derrières // Which drunkenly manage to unequivocally pl=ease // All of them-there damndastard boys // Who wear their hearts near their slipping-sleeves // and shrink when they think.

Here sits the confiscated world over // Their weightless shoulder. .. … Yet still, still
S-t-i-l-l // Winning outright vilified // About to prise, prise, p-r-i-s-e.

Her paternoster eyes back to narrowminded life again //
No gain for him whatsoever anymore // Only ever insofar as all of this is hers.

From here-on-in multiplied // About to rapidly reach til we wraprightround his living, seething insides // Might be quite nice, and thank you oh, so motherfucking kindly for bothering to ask me.

Now, why not let us bathe both bask in our very own living, seething entrails // Whilst he slips further than farther away // From the field of our peripheral vision

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