Her trip on the side-street may have hurt
But it was long before that incident she went about rubbing her face in the dirt
A popular woman with many a friend
But she had to God damn do it, had to go against the trend
However hard you want it you don’t sell someone out
You pick up the blower, you give them a shout
Not what she did, this is it
She destroyed a close to perfect personality by acting the pits
Won’t say what she did ‘cos it’s common knowledge by now
All I’ll say is it happened when she was dropping her youngest off at college
Everything hit the fan, even though all could’ve, would’ve been grand
If she turned the car around
That, my friend, is what truly led to her demise
And it will only get worse, her husband, he’s had just about enough
Not to mention all and sundry whispering behind her back, on constant curse
Her luck ran its course and now she only ever appears old, battered
She’s the one who opened herself up to a lifetime of jeers