If they took time then they took the MERE eager individually evil thought of torture WITH THEM too – “inside of their over automatic minds.” It’s a seriously skewed attempt at making it all shape itself.. gently+BOTH+MENTALLY together.

We were unapologetic individualists With Our Layabout F!STS tWiStEd up inside of {JUST} one (last??) F!GHT: with the man who might

Stretch+and+strengthen his {VERY-OWN} sentences and “GO(!!)” bravely with himself: “into the wonderFULLY unknowing N!GHT.

She’s a masterful little piece of crimson+and+blue BEW!LDER, actually, and he likes to think of her SELF

… as a fellow individualistic understatement actually.” Often when they get their K!CKS from ludicrously LARGE levels of CONstipated champagne that’s exactly when it seems

“An ENV!OUSLY shapeLESS existence, indeed.” Why, THOUGH, weren’t we uttered words of utter nonsense AND OTHER NONSENSICAL tH!NgS and allowed to make our very own riled UP rules AND ONLY EVER TO BE: regulated by magnificently TACT!LE mistakes anyway(?) but

Perhaps… probably beCAUSE: “someone else was hosting Our maladjusted Mouthpieces for all of that time.”

And {{Yes}} it’s a pragmatically aware Set Of Insistent endeavours {that’s been mapping itself out TO HAPPEN…

AND she CERTIFIABLY likes to

Play fighting F!sT!Cups with: her UTTERLY UNBREAKABLE W!TS(..). And “EVEN-IF” she’s a part of the whole guessed+and+thrashed together process again and again and, Yet, still

justifiably ABLE to make her pocket+of+piece with these upside_WROnGway DOWn individualists, they will still strenuously MAKE A FOREVVVVVER(… … … …) futile attempt

“At MURDER!NG… her Most Kindly Mind.”