Empty lips

Behind the smile lies…
A balanced stream of chagrined brilliance – a grateful child who carries reconfigured hope and settled fury

Arguably the most juxtaposed girl in the whole world

Her knees appear weak, her soft smile tilted toward the floor and turned vehemently upside down

Baby breathes
Where the great grass grows and shoulders smoulder

A pale of jaded weight of water – stinging with the touches of the trusted sun

All fingers planted at two sides and wary as to her yearning fall

Almost nearly home, oft than not a damning next few feet – she tips and toes til silence speaks and empty lips are free

Contending with a small-large number of hidden trivialities
She’s been to ‘Blueberry Hill’ again

Time to man these barricades and to say exactly what you believe in

Just wishes to Christ on a backward standing bike that she had the Global Elite on speed-dial – nothing if not connected

Is happiness really just a bothersome button which you flick in your brain? On and off and soft to the touch…