That tick-tock boomerang clock that holds no hands but for his
Haphazardly it’s been needlessly tremendous – for he and never ever her
Something or another about the heaviest drug-tug of ’em all / susceptible at being real and his cocaine-stained fingernails have been endlessly bleeding by the bare-naked twist of the lecherous, preordained kiss again
These constant complications have been financially prefabricated
Blistering young adolescently pressed kneecaps oppressed into secretive oblivion midst the dilapidated surrounds of the egoist’s cigarette-silhouetted underground – and her favourite best kept doyenne girls shall proceed to come at them dastardly men a dime a dirty dozen whilst they each hold every next one of their lassoed breathes at hostile hostage again
And the noose-tied ranked bombardment lies immediately right here
Horizontally suggested and sleeping loosely with their sacrilege edges of suicidal reasoning reckoning upon reeling them back in
Yet again
There is a trying test for this type of thing called ‘upside-down love’, so we do know it, and held gainfully together, aimlessly, expressively against…
The silenced sides of this four-storey inside-out housing complex apartment of one such piss-tank poor brothel
Only ever have these underwear-wearing girls held their languishing tongues for far too long a time, while still forcing themselves to bending and breaking and tearing and agonisingly hearing…
It all being painfully whispered, still swimming poisonously with-in
A decidedly estranged and still stinging ear-piece
Of hers and never ever his – she is his unobservant servant / soon to become the gentile servile to his sycophantic mannerisms