Unsightly, as it should announce itself – the borderline canvas all caught up in excruciating bouts of conscientious turmoil

When chaos made us see it

A thousand grappled at moments carrying with them hereditary enthusiasm

Here one abstract artist sits seated – apprehensively acting outright ambivalent and she needs for it to finally, forgivingly, make sense of itself

Too many caffeine hits and rolled up argumentative cigarettes to remember, the commonplace masterpiece which begs to belong to a tumultuous time and improper place

Dishevelled handsome room studio – extracurricular by prearrangement, let it be unbothered by the multivarious manoeuvrings, please

A crying easel attempts to gather its lucid bearings again, while its master plays at predominant play pretend

A wild and ambidextrous atmosphere interferes in a most welcoming instance, plainly insisting upon the utter necessity for the frozen-faced blueprint to unlock itself

She is in love with the original shape of water only that the dilution will need to dress itself coated in scapegoat supreme