Not one bit really
Just how things turned out by the very end
Well. And. Truly.
And, believe it or not, there to have actually been an entirely different kind of beauty running right through it
Of course, there a million-and-one ways that these things can and will, in fact, go
Don’t ever get me wrong, she most definitely dipped a toe, albeit seemingly far too prepared to take it right away
Before ever allowing for anything whatsoever to even so much as caress her much travailed soul
Don’t know if it was all owing to my rather gregarious nature, or simply because I turned out to be a relatively distant stranger right from the beginning
One thing I do know above all else though, that self-deprecation mixed with oodles of charm won’t always disarm
Unsavoury bag
Just something seemed to thin all of its own hardened accord
Truly, I do feel that I did very little wrong in the first place
Stood on up to the test, wore my early heart on my sleeve
Willing more than ever to let her try and steal me
Said so much, as did she
Not in words as such, perhaps, but a lingering touch will always tell its very own tale, give the best kept secrets away
But she pushed fast-forward and, as a seriously flawed and utterly tepid result, all of it – every first bit – thawed entirely
No more calls on my part
And, as it turns out, I’m kind of okay with that
But I do wonder sometimes if she even so much as remembers our face-to-face embrace, our early doors ‘fumble in the hay’
Fair’s fair, and I don’t think she’ll disagree with me on this, that she may just still believe it to have been quite sensational
And that is also okay
There two sides to every story, something I always knew
So, really, this is goodbye, momentary albeit hardly full-on sumptuous apple of my eye
Above all else, thank you, for you taught me how to truly write

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