I sold a poem to a girl the other day
A heartfelt poem
For her beloved boyfriend
Know what she did
She paid me
Blasted beans
Who does that…
Is that enough?
She asked
I stood there in silence
With a shopping cart
Filled with enough tins of baked beans
To feed me for the rest of my life
Maybe even the next one
You can’t be serious…
Can you
Didn’t I tell you I’d be paying you
In beans
You did but…
This is just ridiculous
I need REAL money
To pay my bills…
For a night out on the town
She shrugged
I can’t pay for a pint
With a can of baked beans
Yes you can
Plenty of broke barmen out there
Looking for a quick meal
What was she on about
She loved the poem
She said
That it went about describing her boyfriend
The life they shared together
That’s all well and good
But I was the one who’d to
Push the shopping cart home
A writer getting paid
Know what she said
As I was leaving
She said
You can write a poem about me…
About getting paid in baked beans
The cheeky mare
My landlord
Little ol’ lady Monika
God bless her cotton socks
Admitted she was short of some shopping money
For the kids
So she wheeled the cart
From mine to hers
You’re good for another month
She said