theory has it that there’s a desire that likes to lie in these tantalised and utterly enraptured eyes of hers – all play and all games and ALL of it a gainful thing, in-DEED

Of ultimate purpose and cause and pause.. for that mEaNdeRinG of laugh-out-loud wherewithal(!)

They really ALL ought to have UTTERLY understood her beautiFULLY bestial deMEANour and to NOT(!!) have ever been

these ego-ridden sons of mothers born to bitches(.) with their heartstrings STILL bleeding

Their antagonised minds Still Meaning to Mend AND Find Themselves Yet Again – and e-v-e-r SINce

She leaned in and whispered one last line of sentence at their fingered earpieces – Be Calm, Because I WILL Bring A World Of Thunderous trouble To Your Doorstep If You Ever… E-V-E-R(!!) act DISadvantageoUS again –

And HERE we W-I-L-L stand, with our backs against the wall and counting nude blue bullets against our nude-BLUE-bodies which do IN-DEED w-i-s-h TO bleed blood ‘til the VERY end… … …

When our eyelids fall, our eyes fail… and our mInDs toil – ‘Til BLATANTLY brought back to THAT underground plACE – with our tails left dangling between our layabout legs

Of final resting place, d-r-a-w-i-n-g our very last message of bre—-ath… …
And dead. “We r-e-a-l-l-y should’ve ALL OF US seen.. that she played her life like a piano in the breeze