The dappled masculine linear pink masterpiece – strikingly developmental and overtly enthused it pushes the might of her unmade-up mind toward utter persuasion again, and a dutifully dressed painter speaks in sweet secretive syllables – sometimes with the sizeable sniggers too, of course
There is no off-button for this girl… unfortunately at the greatest of creative times
Oh but for one particularly pained person to bend and break in equal measure and to worship the shape of the manageable mistakes wherein the deadlocked mystery wishes to breathe
To unearth the soles of her concentrated feet and to look bewilderingly on up – to where a silent and tall washboard of creative colour shudders soundlessly, acts as a goading catalyst atop of her delightfully sprightly, interruptive bouts of comedic timing – constant, significant aside undeniably precise and all-around necessary
Soon as the affably attired masterpiece bridges the break of the petrified divide and two extraordinarily important ingredients delicately reduce into one piece of another
At swim two bickering birds
Exceptionally, like no other – crystalline and still breathing, sparkling, battling back against the weight of the grain… any which way they choose for themselves to have it
So very incredibly ornamentally disorganised with spread wings about to splay, shine brighter than the height of a climbing diamond and show the world that the shape of this imbalanced masterpiece is here to stay
Let them play, pl-ease