They’ve taken it all in one breath NOW and it has its very own singular brain, actually, they’ve EVEN thought about Nothing-At-All AnyMORE, to be—-))

Justifiably adored IS to say: they will MEET EACHOTHER AT HALFWAY..—>
Between.. there and most definitelyEVERYWHERE else, though(?!) These manner of enthusiastic Artists Are—

NOT acting for a mereEAGER SECOND, and what they w-i-s-h to appear to appeal to is::

“Somebody who(?) knows them.. deep-down AND desirable.” Because. They are doing this with their very best StuTtErInG-Of-BrAiN face-forward electrified, and it f-e-e-l-s EERILY real, what has AND HAD happened to them—-)))

They’re nonplussed about a whole lot of it actually, even WHEN the thunderstorm tries, they WILL—-))))

Warn-themselves-OFF.. WARM Themselves W—I—D—E-eyed and Courteous yet again. “They are terribly tired now, and definitely.. ready to sleep for a decade-long-day…

tRemBliNg At ThE ThOugHt Of ThInkInG..” that IS them/// this is now, and THAT NEEDS FIXING
… “immediately, please(!!!)”