There is one moment when it all comes.. crashing down ChAoTicAllY, please(.) These switcharoo(!!), RUDELY over-ambitious elements of

“Hahahahaha-delirium(!!)” in FACT. And never, NOT E-V-E-R shared sparingly between; these ego-dystonic people of

Catastrophic CONundrum-seeking. Indeed. They do appear to seem to seek to wish to WANT

To B-A-N-G(!!!) the beat of their very own drum, actually,

And to the silenced and distantly ambiguous s-o-u-n-d-s (now)

Of underground/OVER-ENTHUSED-and outrageously amplified intrusion(!!!!!!!)

and ALL OF IT via: This sporadic sprinting-of-thoughts which cannot but..

AlTeR their very-own wonderful stATe of MinD. However!!! HOW did she find the time

To trim it down to next to nearly nothing but for
A warring, sparring whisper of well-wishing earPEACE.. is anyone’s guess

When a fire becomes… self propelled and equally unrecognisable