She simply attempts to quench something seriously behemoth, altogether swarmed downright flavourless within
To attire herself on up to the cradled cusp
To trip the light seismic aside fair memorably fantastic
We’ve been tenderly caressing our confused selves to the crackling bones of our beings
To supportively press against her understandably agonised poisonous underbelly
Where floatila ghosts soar on up to goad these demonic friends of quite deceitful theirs – there’s a two-grouped pair in this
Prepare themselves to gloriously, proudly, fukwit unfathomably showcase a far less superior side
To all of this over-lying reality of silenced her
Which she dreams of finally seeing
When dreamed for dreams transform their nine-lived selves into frightful nightmares
For All Of Everyone To Tellingly Breathe…
Been meaning to make an outcast difference amidst All Of This Disastrous Reoccurrence
Trust in everything and, please Christ, do me a mammoth favour
Cold-shoulder these heavy, pick-pocketed pills that still your prioritised to grasp-at-straws pretty pristine being