They broke around about a million and one magnificently malfunctioned old-school moulds to cause her to simply smoulder

And to appear to somewhat sensationally soar – and she has no less reconfigured herself and soldiered on like an angel on gilded acid, regardless of every other singularly habitual and insipidly suggestive person, and proven herself to be…

The homegrown majestic one, who poses a most tremendous threat
By way of eagle-eyed re-awareness

The most peculiarly particular lady who we ever truly could begin to bring ourselves to ingest and to terrifically see, seems that these insular sins of unaccustomed hers have been digging themselves onward and inner beneath…

Til but an impenetrable million metres deeper than the whole wide circular Earth for its whole hurting, seething worth

She is at the hostile and self-restoring core of instilled beauty, founded both from and barbarically by a fiery kind of creation, undeniably somebody who we cannot cause ourselves to ever innately abhor

And she feels it all, every next comfortably crazed, gazed at time
With her sly glass of mesmeric-ally bubbled white Mary-rose champagne sidled and thrillingly seized between serene ring fingers, gladly captured specifically aside the other thirsty person, she breaks barriers by the meander of her malnourished brain

A strawberry for her treacherously troubled tears, perhaps?

And a gargantuan and preparatory Marlboro cigarette, perched to perfect and paralyse these screaming lips – cursed and manically moaning to mean many kinds of something sensational

Hellbent on utter reconstruction – soon as the Hawaiian summer sun tucks on in enthusiastic
Let’s itself to being singularly spectacular and so suddenly soon gets to lending itself to becoming…
Her everything inescapably insinuated via interior design

Wears these pearl-diamanté, green hanging-demon earrings, stripped to deceitfully tease and oft than not jovially dance near her bespoke and bejewelled, candidly caressed time again listening instrument

And it seems to be that she cannot but garner oneself back from the thankless brink … and to delicately, devotedly, damnright demonstratively bring these handsome men brought right back from their very own unthinkable brink
… Of the mysterious beatnik era and fantastically into unequivocal play again

It pays to strike yourself back to life via an incredulously secular, secondary kind of a hopscotch instantaneous instance, to heavily navy-blue suit attire yourself and to unquenchably set fire by these dastard white-lies and to finally fabricate and stand up to yourself

Finally hot-wired to lie right by her constant and crying side

Right by this simply, sexily serendipitous and outright affable 1950s replicated beauty, which, truthfully speaking, has to once upon an envious existence have been seen to be comfortably believed

And it is a thing of contrarily tantalised imagination and, of course, carries with it a forever fury – daringly dosed and deliciously drenched atop an outlandishly curdled and fantastically ferocious duty

To be, quite rightly, the only lady for us

By Christ, we have most certainly become her only one… if only, if only, if only
These dreams could turn themselves to suddenly becoming – a thing of incurable reality

A cure for wellness tends to come in crazy little packages, sometimes sordid, sometimes straight-faced and sacrilege

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