Red ribboned and tagged high end spectacular
They said that she was meant to be this way
Sitters and kneelers weep right by her car crash perspective
A Harry Potter – esque scar emblazoned upon strong
None too magical for its comparable instance alone, yet, nonetheless, she was a fan
Her pretty cage – framed mother right about now holds an appearance so forlorn it cannot but work its way through an equally kneeed congregation with stares to freeze a lit up evening into saddened submission
Back by the bruised and battered body an older brother folds atop himself and prays for everything to make sudden sense
These warm tears smear a doll – like,  touched up exterior – like her Nana interrupted herself to ask her to be
The whole vicinity have strolled in gravely slow motion to see the face which set their hearts to dart, these black ribbons dog earred by wicker tears
They lean on over, a thousand – handed hug by way of sentiment alone and fix her favourite picked daisy to her blonde bob – cut to care – courtesy of one devoted hair dresser, namely the very same person who choreographed her Holy Communion a mere two weeks before
She stood and spoke so well then